Calpeda GXR Submersible Pumps

Submersible Pumps available from Calpeda

Calpeda GXR Range of submersible pumps are suitable for a wide range of pumping applications.

Calpeda Submersible pump

These include domestic, residential, Industrial and civil. Perfect for using as a Hot Tub pump, for emptying water from your Hot Tub in your garden. Draining rooms, emptying tanks or ponds, these pumps are very easy to set up and use.


Removal of water from ponds, streams and for rainwater collection.

For draining Hot Tubs and tanks.

Pumping clean water with solids up to 10mm in size

Calpeda Submersible pumps when used outdoors a cable of not less than 10m should be used.

GXR Submersible Pump Supply Details

110v Single Phase 50Hz Supply

230v Single Phase 50Hz Supply

400v Three Phase 50Hz Supply


Chrome Nickel Stainless Steel Construction

Single open Impellor with vertical port

Water cooled design

Double shaft seal complete with oil chamber

Small pump packed with a high level of performance

Head 12.7m and flow rates up to 220 liters per minute

GXR Submersible Pump Options

Manual operation

Automatic magnetic float

Datasheet, Charts, PDF


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