CFW900 WEG Variable Speed Drive

The CFW900 is the New High Tech Inverter from WEG

CFW900 Drive

The CFW900 drive is the complete solution, with high performance and safety. Combined with the most flexibility and connectivity.


  • Easy Operation
  • Efficiency and High Performance
  • Connectivity
  • Advanced Energy Saving Function
  • High Power Density
  • Reduced Size
  • Functional safety
  • Modern Graphical HMI
  • Long cables to the motor, providing greater flexibility
  • Connection for motor thermistor
  • 3C2 class topicalization and conformal coating in standard product – optional 3C3 IEC 60721-3-3

WEG High Performance Technology:

Controls different types of motors. Using WEG`s “Vecture Technology”. Induction motors and PM Motors. Intelligent thermal Management is used too! The CFW900 can measure the ambient temperature and configure “itself” by varying its switching frequency. Thus becoming a versatile inverter and enabling use in different applications.


  • Operation at ambient temperatures -10 Degrees to +50 degrees
  • Simple fan removal for cleaning
  • Better control type Methodology
  • Optimal Braking
  • High Power density

Improved HMI:

  • USB Port
  • Bluetooth
  • Real time clock
  • Graphical HMI
  • Help Key
  • Detachable Keypad

CFW900 Introduction Video:


  • Dual Switch Ethernet
  • Modbus-TCP
  • MQTT Communication
  • Plug-in Modules to expand other protocols – Profibus-DP – CANopen – DeviceNET
  • Bluetooth


  • STO (Safe Torque Off)
  • SS1 (Safe Stop)

Extra Features:

  • DC Link Inductors – reduces Harmonic Mitigation
  • Built-in RFI Suppressor
  • Conformal Coating
  • 24V DC Power Supply via External Source
  • Motor Temperature Monitoring
  • Side by side installation

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