Electric Motor Failures: What Are the Most Common?

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Maintenance is an integral aspect of almost every industry sector, and for industrial organisations, fine-tuning and utilising a tried and tested maintenance regime can actually mean the difference between harnessing maximum productivity and facing multiple operations problems. Sitting at the heart of many industrial companies is the electric motor, but like many pieces of apparatus, these electric motor repair devices need a helping hand to remain in tip top condition.

As leading electric motor repairers serving the North West and beyond, we regularly encounter electric motor failures, but which are the most common? And how can you spot the warning signs before it’s too late?

Common Electric motor repair failures

As each electric motor model contains a wide range of important components, there are a number of stresses that may affect functionality and ultimately cause failure. Thermal, electrical and mechanical failures are particularly common without the right level of maintenance as the industrial environment that the device aims to cater for presents a series of issues for the motor itself. Increased levels of vibration can also cause major issues for basic components within an electric motor, including its winding mechanism, rotor, bearings and shaft.

The warning signs

By being fully aware of the warning signs and completing regular visual and mechanical inspections you can spot the symptoms associated with electric motor failures before disaster strikes. The motor’s physical condition is likely to reveal causes for concern with water leaks, oil leaks, abnormal sounds and smells, and damaged piping all tending to point to further issues.

Signs of overheating can also suggest that your motor is on its way out so be sure to check the integrity of the device’s insulation ensuring that it is free from corrosion, fractures and other damage.

What to do next

As well as developing and implementing your own in-house maintenance plan, and making visual and mechanical checks a part of your company’s culture, enlisting help from a professional electric motor repairer in the North West is important. We deliver speedy solutions should problems arise with your electric motor so you can carry on with what you do best.

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