FC202 Aqua drive from Danfoss – why choose it?

Danfoss are the largest supplier of VFD’s to the global water industry – why?

FC202 Danfoss IP55

The dedicated drive Danfoss offer for the water industry, this drive is called the FC202 Aqua-drive. Full of enriched features to complement all aspects of water and waste water applications. Furthermore these drives work on the same platform other Danfoss drives. For instance the FC302, FC102, FC280 and FC51.

De-ragging mode within the FC202

Reduces maintenance costs with regular de- ragging this is a Danfoss FC202 Aqua drive unique feature that increases pump lifetime and efficiency.

FC202 Back Channel Cooling

High energy savings are related to the air conditioning in and around the panel. Due to the unique back-channel-cooling concept the drive transfers 90% of heat away from the room.

Saving External filter costs

Electromagnetic interference and harmonic distortion are minimised thanks to the built-in RFI filter and integrated DC link chokes. DC chokes are standard across Danfoss FC range of drives. Reduces space needed in the panel, thus cost savings in design.

Aqua drive Standard Energy Savings

As with all Danfoss Inverter Drives, it is possible to save 3–8% energy. Savings are achieved regardless of load characteristics as such these savings are achieved as a result of Automatic Energy Optimisation.

FC 202 Aqua drive CBM (Condition Based Monitoring)

Perhaps the most exciting breakthrough is the inclusion of CBM – Condition Based Monitoring. The FC202 Aqua drive offers Stator winding Monitoring (insulation) together with Load Envelope Monitoring and Vibration monitoring (Using External device). Why use the cloud when the inverters can handle this data?

Case Studies

Danfoss case studies are available. Why not read our own case studies? More importantly E.Bennett have a wealth of experience in water applications, see our irrigation blog.


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