Watt Drive Geared Motors

We are a UK Build Centre for Watt Drive Austria. Many different ratios of gearbox are available to build ex stock from our workshop 24/7. We stock the Watt Drive MAS range of Helical Bevel and Helical with power ranges up to 15.0kw in house. Our relationship with Austria enables us to provide fast deliveries to cover all powers and sizes.
Watt Drive new offering is the WG20 design. This design is a Euro footprint and is interchangeable with most competitor offerings. e.g SEW NORD LENZE.
WG20 Design Benefits:
High Efficiency - In-Line with Market requirements - Optimised Design - Less Noise - Modular

WG20 Watt Drive Helical Bevel Geared Motors

WG20  Watt Drive Helical bevel gear units are suitable for a multitude of applications. The two-stage basic design is extended by a third gear stage upward of 200 Nm. K gear units can also be equipped with a hollow shaft, output shaft, shrink disc, torque arm and mounting flange.

  • Nominal torque: 110 – 4500 Nm
  • Rated power: 0.12 – 30 kW
Watt Drive WG20 Helical Bevel Brochure

WG20 Watt Drive Helical Geared Motors

The WG20 Watt Drive helical gear units come in nine housing sizes for nominal torques from 50 to 4500 Nm and are available in both foot and flange designs. While the two smaller gear units (C00 and C01) are able to perform to their full potential with just two stages, the larger C03 to C10 are available in both two and three-stage versions, for those applications in higher torque ranges

  • Nominal torque: 50 – 4500 Nm
  • Rated power: 0.12 – 30 kW
Watt Drive WG20 Helical Brochure

MAS Watt Drive Helical Geared Motors

UNIBLOCK® design for foot and flange mounting. Gear housing machined on all sides for universal application. Optimized gearing geometry and in all the other models also which results in exceptional running smoothness. For special environmental conditions the gear unit can be fitted with two shaft seals.

  • Number of sizes:18
  • Power Range: 0,12 – 55kW
  • Output torque range: 23 – 14,000Nm
  • Ratio: 0.8 – 13,500
  • Output option: output shaft
  • Assembly/mounting: uniblock, flange,
Watt Drive MAS Helical Brochure

MAS Watt Drive Helical Bevel Geared Motors

Compact, eye-catching, unique for limited space issue! The compact and structure optimized gear housing of the helical bevel gears distinguish themselves by being machined on all sides and are therefore, ready for a variety of mounting options and applications. The unique motor position provides an almost flat and easy to mount on”machine interface”. Various standard shaft executions and the double chamber shaft seals, developed by Watt Drive, are ready for use. Shaft and flange dimensions are equal to our helical worm gears. In the basic executions the gear boxes are designed as 2 stage gears up to the size K. 75 (1.250Nm). The bigger gear boxes, beginning with the K. 77 (1.500Nm) are designed as 3 stage gears.

  • Number of sizes: 11
  • Power Range: 0.12 – 90kW
  • Output torque range: 100 – 20,000Nm
  • Ratio: 5.5 – 8,600
  • Output option: output shaft, output shaft on both sides, hollow shaft,hollow shaft with shrink disc, agitaor drive execution
  • Assembly/mounting: uniblock, flange, torque arm
Watt Drive MAS Helical Brochure


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