Which WattDrive Gearbox is Right for Me?

As WEG Group’s official UK build centre, our WattDrive gearboxes have become an essential part of operations for many companies and private trade customers based throughout England. However for those new to the world of WattDrive knowing which gearbox is right for you can be difficult. This is particularly due to the extensive range of powers and sizes currently stocked by us.

Here we take a closer look at the WattDrive gearbox options currently available so you can select a model that caters to your specific requirements.


Utilising the latest geared motor technology, the WattDrive Helical gearboxes that we stock use UNIBLOCK® design principles. This helps to deliver up to 18 sizes and various power ranges suitable for foot and flange mounting. Despite its specific use of technology, our Helical geared motors can be applied universally and as a result are fit for purpose across a number of industry sectors.

Incorporating an efficient, dynamic and compact design, the Helical model provides low noise and low backlash as standard.

Helical Bevel

Great for environments where space comes at a premium, the Helical Bevel geared motor is the most compact option in our range. Its optimised housing doesn’t mean limited features and application options. Whilst the Helical Bevel gearbox is accessible in fewer sizes (11 to be exact) than the Helical geared motor, its unique motor position unlocks a number of advantages not possible with larger models.

Helical Worm

Available in six different sizes with a power range of between 0.12 and 7.5kw. The Helical Worm offers efficiency and power with various mounting options. The housing itself has no recesses which makes maintenance a breeze. This is perfect for sectors that need to be strict when it comes to hygiene.

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