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WEG Alternators are available in the UK. WEG G Plus and AG Line of products feature a IPMG Auxiliary winding and Permanent magnet exciter stator as standard. This sets WEG apart from the competition.  Currently the number 1 supplier of alternators in Brazil and have an ever growing market globally.

The Design and manufacture Synchronous alternators, offering Low, Medium and High voltage units with multiple poles and Power ratings from 10KVA to 50MVA. Alternators are being  used globally  in a wide range of applications from standard Industrial, to complex oil and gas to multi megawatt Hydro and gas turbine power plants.

Technical Features G Plus Line AG10 Line
 Output: G plus: 7,5 to 258 – AG10: 260 to 4200 kVA
 Frames: G plus: 160,200,250 and 450, 560 – AG10: 250, 280, 315,355 and 400
 Voltage: G plus: 220 to 690 V – AG10: 220 to 690V
 Frequency: G plus: 50 and 60Hz – AG10: 50 and 60Hz
 Protection degree: G plus: IP23 (other on request) – AG10:  IP23 (other on request)
 Insulation class: G plus: 180 (H) – AG10: 180 (H)
 Excitation: G plus: Brushless with auxiliary coil – AG10: coil Brushless with auxiliary coil
 Winding pitch: G plus: 2/3 – AG10: 2/3 (160 – 315), 5/6 (355-400)
 Number of poles: G plus: 4, 6, 8 e 10 – AG10: 4
 Voltage regulator: G plus: without requiring external power supply – AG10: without requiring external power supply


  • Manufactured with different mountings and coupling types. The same alternator can operate in different three phase and single phase voltage levels.
  • Auxiliary Coil: The standard line does not require PMG.
  • Winding pitch 2/3: Reduces voltage harmonics distortion in applications with non linear loads.
  • Encapsulated voltage regulator: Withstand high vibration levels and harsh environments.
  • Permanent magnets on the exciter stator: Ensure built up without requiring external power supply after long stops.

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AG10 and G plus line Alternators


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