Crest Pumps UK Distributor

Crest Pumps are renowned for their reliability and are also a UK Manufacturer. Lifetime support comes with every pump sold.
Chemical resistant pumps from Crest pumps are suitable for all process industries. for example, Chemical, waste water and industrial industries are well supported.
E. Bennett Electrical have recently become a distributor for these quality pumps. Please see below for products on offer.

Crest Magnetic Drive Pumps

The Crest Assoma plastic Magnetic Drive pumps are resistant to Chemicals and are built to cope with tough conditions. These include toxic and corrosive applications. Together with high temperatures, high pressures and explosive atmospheres.

These Pumps are a seal-less pump which reduces the possibility of leakage. This in turn prevents unscheduled downtime and clean up costs.

  • Capacity <800L/Min
  • Patented Run Dry Technology
  • Total Corrosion Resistance
  • Head <35 Metres
  • Polypropylene / EFTE Build

All Crest Pump Mag Drives come with a 2 Year Warranty.

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AMX Pump Range Datasheet

Crest Diaphragm Pumps

The Crest Diaphragm Pump is fitted with flaps instead of the classic ball valves. In turn this allows passing of bigger sized solids. Thus reducing crushing which normally appears to the passage through cages and balls.

The maximum length of solids is 600mm and the maximum flow rate is 530 L / min.

Full Flow 502

  • Variable speed
  • Dry Operation
  • Patented Stall Prevention
  • Self Priming
  • Non Lubricated Operation
  • Ideal for Pumping High Viscosity applications

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Diaphragm Pump Fullflow Datasheet

Mechanically Sealed Crest Pumps

Crest Mechanically Sealed Pumps are perfect for corrosive applications, moreover when solids are involved these pumps truly excel.

Manufactured from solid thermoplastic giving robustness and strength for applications which demand longevity in the harshest of environments.

Being manufactured in the UK, the lead time does not change if the customer requests alterations to their exact requirements.

The PP Range from Crest Pumps are made from PVC, PTFE, PVDF or stainless Steel. Suitable seals can be fitted depending on the different chemical conditions.

  • Capacity <26m3 / hr
  • Highly Flexible Design
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Head <22 Metres
  • Machined from solid

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Mechanically Sealed Pump Datasheet

Vertical Immersible Crest Pumps

VSL Plastic Vertical Seal-less Pump

The VSL plastic vertical seal less pump range are proven to stand the test of time offering solid performance constantly throughout the pump’s lifetime, minimizing both operational and maintenance costs whilst keeping your process running efficiently and reliably.

Non Metallic vertical seal-less pumps can run dry due to the cantilever design, without the bearings touching any fluid.

Double balanced impellor creates a liquid ring seal, which stops liquid returning up the motor shaft.

Suitable for, metal treatment, tank emptying, transfer and re-circulation, effluent treatment and many other corrosive applications.

  • Capacity <80m3 / hr
  • Run dry capability
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Head <40 metres

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Vertical Crest Pump Datasheet


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