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iC2 Micro Danfoss Inverter

The new Danfoss iC2 Micro drive: This iC2 Micro Danfoss is a quality general purpose drive and is perfect for a wide range of applications. iC2 Micro performs with excellent reliability, even in complex applications. In this powerful compact package, you will get user- friendliness, condensed functionality and easy commissioning. Next Generation: More compact, intelligent […]

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Danfoss Micro Drive FC51

Danfoss Micro Drive FC51 Danfoss FC51 Micro Drive is a perfect solution for Industrial, HVAC and OEM applications. This drive comes with coated circuit boards as standard together with a high reliability factor. Perfect for panel installation, offering the following benefits: IP20 IP Rating. 5 Programmable digital inputs. Detachable keypad with a choice of potentiometer […]

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VLT Danfoss FCM300

Danfoss FCM300 Inverter stock. VLT Danfoss FCM300 series Inverter drives are extremely common through the food and beverage industry in the UK. Unfortunately these Danfoss FCM300 series inverter drives are not manufactured anymore, moreover are extremely rare to acquire replacements. E. Bennett (Electrical) Ltd have a limited amount of stock available currently at our base […]

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Danfoss VLT Drives – Guide to the Technology

Danfoss VLT Drives technology sits at the heart of each and every one of our industrial products is evolving constantly. We are a leading provider of Electric Motors and Danfoss inverter drives. Priding ourselves on delivering  stock from one of the most reputable suppliers on the planet. Danfoss is one of the most import suppliers at […]

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FC280 Danfoss VLT Midi Drive

Welcome to the new FC280 Midi Drive which has been designed to be compatible with the now obsolete VLT2800 series. These FC280 drives have the same width as the VLT2800 and smaller in some cases. Adaptor plates fit existing VLT2800 mounting holes. The power and motor plugs from your VLT2800 series fit directly onto these FC280 […]

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FC202 Aqua drive from Danfoss – why choose it?

Danfoss are the largest supplier of VFD’s to the global water industry – why? The dedicated drive Danfoss offer for the water industry, this drive is called the FC202 Aqua-drive. Full of enriched features to complement all aspects of water and waste water applications. Furthermore these drives work on the same platform other Danfoss drives. […]

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Danfoss FC202 Solves Irrigation Issue 2020

WA Lane Farming – Walsall Wood Danfoss FC202 Aqua Drive FC202 37kw IP55 + 0-16 bar Transducer. WA Lane contacted us regarding a problem with their bore hole pump application. We had already supplied 2 off 15kw Danfoss FC102 drives to control extract fans in their potato stores. The application involved supplying water at a stable […]

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DC Motor conversion slashes packaging costs 2020

Existing Application A food packaging company in the Manchester area called upon us to find out if there were any saving to be made from converting their old DC motor on their plastic extruding machine, to a Brook Crompton World series AC equivalent. They already had an energy survey compiled for them which stated a […]

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Danfoss Inverter Drives – Why Choose?

Our Danfoss drives are an essential part of our industrial product range. In fact as well as being known and loved for our quality electric motors. Customers throughout the United Kingdom come to us to specifically repair and/or purchase our Danfoss drives. There are many brands that claim to offer the best standard at the […]

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